Ontario Soccer set age groups – The year of birth determines what age group your child will play in dates start January 1st to December 31st of year of birth.

Youngest players start at 3 years old (provided they are 3 years old on or before start of season in U4 Mini mites) and  can play in LTPD (Long Term Player Development) until player reaches 12 years old after which they move into Youth Soccer at age of 13 years and older. We have division 13 to 16 year age group for both boys and girls. New for 2019 Outdoor season hopefully will see the return of our U18 Boys and U18 Girls  teams for 17 or 18 year old boys to play in, with 16 year olds having the choice of U16 or playing U18.  We do however, have a women 18+ division that girls 18 years old can continue to play soccer in Women’s division if they so wish. The U18 teams will play as a travel house league team. Our outdoor season starts in May which ends by end of July or August each year depending on age group.

Our players enjoy a summer of fun in our Outdoor season as they and their teams compete in a wide range of leagues. All our players 12 or under play Ontario Soccer – (Long Term Player Development) LTPD, mixed gender divisions. Playing 3 v 3, 5 v 5, 7 v 7 or 9 v 9 depending on age group in our LTPD. Players once they reach 13 years of age or older, play 11 v 11 and play either in a boys or girls division.

Tournaments and Festivals are held in June or July which adds to the fun of a soccer season! All games are played at the Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park, 660 West Street, Simcoe.

We also offer Rep (travel teams) the players age group and gender vary each year all teams play in the Elgin Middlesex District Soccer League (EMDSL). The player must attend Try Outs in September and be picked by Head Coach of the team they are trying out for. In 2019 we have an U14 Boys rep team!

Indoor Soccer is available each year and starts end of Novemebr through March for players starting in U8 to U18 mixed gender divsions and play at The AUD, Fairgrounds,  Simcoe.

British Soccer Camp is offered and will NOT be held in July 2020 due to Covid 19 Challenger Sport, location NCYSP 660 West St, Simcoe.

Ryan Cattrysse Memorial Bursary Award offers up to a $500 Bursary which is available to children whom are going into College or Univarsity after completing their senior year of High School.  The applicant playing in either Indoor or Outdoor, Volunteer to Coach either season or are an Official with SDYSC during the year that they have finished High School can apply for Bursary information can be found in News and Events.

Ryan Cattrysse was Awarded the Bursary Award in 2013. We have renamed our Bursary Award to Ryan Cattrysse Memorial Bursary Award

We would like to share a little information on the wonderful caring person that Ryan was he had a passion for Soccer that our Club and members are so thankful to remember!

Ryan started to play when he was 5 years old and played until he was 18 years old. Ryan became a lineman at a young age. He then was so proud to become a Registered Referee and was a referee for many games in the years that followed. He had such passion for the game whether he was a player or an Official. Ryan set an example to all players and Official young or old to be respectful, kind, caring and to love the game. Ryan was awarded the Jr. Referee for our Club his first year as a Referee, which he was so proud of. Ryan also in his last year of playing soccer with our club was awarded the Bursary Award!  We are very proud to honor Ryan in this way as all members of our club who had the pleasure to of know such a remarkable young man will never forget him.


Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents/Guardians (for athletes under 18 year of age) and playeTrs in women 18 +,  MANDATORY – ONTARIO LAW

I will help prevent concussions by:

  • Wearing the proper equipment for my sport and wearing it correctly.
  • Developing my skills and strength so that I can participate to the best of my ability.
  • Respecting the rules of my sport or activity.
  • My commitment to fair play and respect for all* (respecting other athletes, coaches, team trainers and officials).

I will care for my health and safety by taking concussions seriously, and I understand that:

  • A concussion is a brain injury that can have both short- and long-term effects.
  • A blow to my head, face or neck, or a blow to the body that causes the brain to move around inside the skull may cause a concussion.
  • I don’t need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion.
  • I have a commitment to concussion recognition and reporting, including self-reporting of possible concussion and reporting to a designated person when and individual suspects that another individual may have sustained a concussion.* (Meaning: If I think I might have a concussion I should stop participating in further training, practice or competition immediately, or tell an adult if I think another athlete has a concussion).
  • Continuing to participate in further training, practice or competition with a possible concussion increases my risk of more severe, longer lasting symptoms, and increases my risk of other injuries.

I will not hide concussion symptoms. I will speak up for myself and others.

  • I will not hide my symptoms. I will tell a coach, official, team trainer, parent or another adult I trust if I experience any symptoms of concussion.
  • If someone else tells me about concussion symptoms, or I see signs they might have a concussion, I will tell a coach, official, team trainer, parent or another adult I trust so they can help.
  • I understand that if I have a suspected concussion, I will be removed from sport and that I will not be able to return to training, practice or competition until I undergo a medical assessment by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner and have been medically cleared to return to training, practice or competition.
  • I have a commitment to sharing any pertinent information regarding incidents of removal from sport with the athlete’s school and any other sport organization with which the athlete has registered* (Meaning: If I am diagnosed with a concussion, I understand that letting all of my other coaches and teachers know about my injury will help them support me while I recover.)

I will take the time I need to recover, because it is important for my health.

  • I understand my commitment to supporting the return-to-sport process* (I will have to follow my sport organization’s Return-to-Sport Protocol).
  • I understand I will have to be medically cleared by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner before returning to training, practice or competition.
  • I will respect my coaches, team trainers, parents, health-care professionals, and medical doctors and nurse practitioners, regarding my health and safety.

By signing here, I acknowledge that I have fully reviewed and commit to this Concussion Code of Conduct.

Athlete Name: __________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signaure (of athletes who are under 18 years of age): ____________________________

Date:  ____________________________________­­__

If your sport organization has adopted policies regarding (a) zero-tolerance (b) mandatory disqualification for illegal play that is considered high risk for causing concussions and (c) escalating consequences for violation of the Concussion Code of Conduct, please read and commit to the following section.  If the following section does not apply to your sport organization, please disregard.

I will help prevent concussions, through my:

  • Commitment to zero-tolerance for prohibited play that is considered high risk for causing concussions*
  • Acknowledgement of mandatory expulsion from competition for violating zero-tolerance for prohibited play that is considered high risk for causing concussions (Meaning: I will be disqualified/expelled from play if I violate the zero-tolerance policy). *
  • Acknowledgement of the escalating consequences for those who repeatedly violate the Concussion Code of Conduct. *