Our Coaches are local parents and youth players who volunteer their time to help our players learn about teamwork and sportsmanship and most of all FUN!

It is not always easy to handle 9 to 18 players who just want to run and kick balls and have fun but… they sayCAO

To Coach House League all coaches must complete a “COACH CODE OF CONDUCT”, COACH REGISTRATION FORM,  Respect in Sport mandatory requirements. 

Certification is valid for five years and the RIS Activity Leader certification program is transferable and recognized across other sports.

Certification and training is conducted by a two hour online course and the course fee is $30. Click here for course access. The RIS course will be refunded by Club if the coach submits copy of certificate and receipt to Club Manager for 2019 Season. Police Screening Check must to handed in to Club Manager a letter from President can be obtained from Club Manager prior to submitting to OPP.

To Coach a Rep (travel) Team applications to coach need to be sent to Board of Directors before September each year via Club Manager.  All coaching staff must have the all Ontario Soccer Coaching Certifications required for age group wanting to coach, a yearly Police Screening Check must to handed in to Club Manager. A letter to submit to local OPP must be obtained from Club Manager and signed by Club President. Rep Coaches must hold 3 open Try Outs in Fall to be able to select their team.

Community Volunteer Hours can be obtained by coaching a LTPD team during Indoor or Outdoor season.

For further details on either of the Coaching critirias above contact Club Manager: clubmanager@simcoesoccer.ca


6.30 pm Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park – 660 West St Simcoe. N3Y 4K6

June to September First Tuesday Of Each Month

Learning about soccer is as much fun for the coach as it is for the players.

The game itself makes it easy to participate at every level and our coaches take pride in the achievements of every player.

All house league coaches must have a valid Police Check and hand in to Club Manager to be able to coach a team. All Coaches must sign a Code of Conduct form to be able to coach. Form can be found in “Forms”
We also encourage coaches who would like to further their coaching knowledge
by taking OSA coaching clinics to help coach their soccer team.
There are a number of courses available at Ontario Soccer website at a cost to coach, that will be 50% refunded provided coaching for SDYSC only course fully refunded is RIS.

This coaching registration form and Code of Conduct must be completed by all coaches, also on line application to volunteer coach must be completed.
Then print the form and sign. No hand written forms will be accepeted (OSA link)
Hand deliver to the Club Manager or email scanned signed copy

Coaches interested in coaching a Rep team (Travel) that plays in the EMDSL league must submit a written application email  to Club Manager on or before September 6 2019. Board of Directors will take a look at their next meeting and make a decision on the application. If approved the Coach and coaching staff must obtain all coaching certification require for the age group that they wish to coach. A yearly police check must also be valid before the start of season. Coach must hold 3 try outs open to age group and gender in September for the following season. To obain what certification is required for age group applying for visit Ontario Soccer website the link is at bottom of home page. Any inquiries can be submitted to Club Manager clubmanager@simcoesoccer.ca