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660 West Street Simcoe

The Simcoe & District Soccer Club started in 1973 with 83 players, playing at various fields throughout Simcoe, Port Dover and Waterford area.

Today we play all our games at Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park, 660 West St, Simcoe, N3Y 4K5 Ontario







1. John Dickson

2. Joe Estrela

3. Steve Braun

4. Directorship you  position is still available





Our History

Simcoe and District Youth Soccer Club was formed in 1973 by a small group of enthusiastic soccer parents. There were 83 children registered in that first year! The Club grew slowly and steadily over the next 20 years to around 400 participants. In 1996 the organization was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. Then, with the growing popularity of soccer in North America, we began experiencing exponential growth in the next decade. By 2006, 1200 children, youth and adults were playing soccer with our Club. Today, we continue to see registrations of around 900 participants.

Many other developments have occurred since we welcomed in the new millenium. In 2000 we started an indoor soccer season at the Aud in Simcoe, before the millenium we had to use school gyms. We continue to draw over 200 participants a year with 4 divisions. A number of competitive, representative teams were formed, these teams have performed extremely well in leagues across Southern Ontario, often ending up in first place in their respective division.

In 2007 the U16 team, coached by Zvonko Horvat advanced to the Ontario Cup final game – a first for our Club!

The names from back row left to right in the photo w/o flags; Assistant coach; Bill Baskerville, trainer; Maureen Sloot, Christian Vos, Dean Marshall, Ryan Horvat, Kurt Wilson, Andrew Sloot, Jake Durant, coach, Zvonko Horvat,

Front left to right;
Andre Breda, Braden St-Amand, Sam Baskerville, Justin Lopes, Mark Whitworth, Alex Miranda, Matt Ruby, Cody Lions,Andrew Miranda  
Josh Ternowski    









The rapid rise on player numbers and teams also forced the realization that the number of fields and their condition, where no longer adequate to support our Club. A small group of determined Board members, along with supporters from

Norfolk County Mayor, Councilors and Staff along with our Community embarked on an ambitious project to build a new soccer park just west of Simcoe.

Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park, 660 West St, Simcoe 

The dream of a new Soccer Park came true in 2003, by 2006  the Simcoe and District Youth Soccer Club had its Grand Opening at the new Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park on July 23rd of that year. In a period of 4 years the Club raised $450,000 and created an important partnership with Norfolk County’s Community Services Department and the Norfolk Pros Foundation. Literally dozens of service clubs and local businesses came to the club’s aid and supported the community’s shared dream for a state-of-the-art soccer park to better provide Norfolk’s youth the opportunity to play soccer on high quality fields.

In 2008 the Club embarked in development of Phase II, which will include development of 3 new fields on the west side of the park, which begin in September. They consist of 2 regulation size fields and one “Atom” size field. As well new parking was developed, and irrigation to water the new fields installed.

In 2012 the club embarked on Phase III a building with washroom facilities. Also a Pavilion was erected with the help of Lions Club of Simcoe where players, coaches, officials and parents enjoy! The Board of Directors have raised (with help from many in our membership and businesses) and repaid Norfolk County $907,000 as of 2017

The Norfolk Youth Soccer Park could not of been finished to the point it is for all to enjoy without Norfolk County Mayor, Councilors and Norfolk County Staff their help with this big project went from a dream to reality within 10 years and The Board of Directors of the SDYSC and members are very much appreciative of Norfolk County help along with our many sponsors and businesses!

With the help of our many supporters and our dedicated Board of Directors and Club Manager, we continue to forge ahead in providing opportunities for youth in Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover and surrounding areas, regardless of financial, physical or mental ability, gender, or cultural background, to play recreational soccer. All outdoor soccer games are played at this wonderful Soccer Park. Our indoor soccer games are played at The AUD, Simcoe

The AUD, Fair Grounds,

172 South Drive, Simcoe




1973 Original Executive

Al Jackson
Ray Kallie
Brian Cook
Archie Hughes
Eddie Hildebrandt
Antonio Lourenco
Armando Carvalho

S.D.Y.S.C. Inc. Past Presidents

1973  Al Jackson
1974-1975  Brian Cook
1976  Bill Doyle
1977 Trevor Jamieson
1978 Doug Robertson
1979 Ella Mitchell
1980 Tom Foster
1981-1982 Derek Barker
1982-1984 Jeff Gill
1985-1986 Tom Foster
1987-1989 Ella Mitchell
1989-1992 Chris Coburn
1992-1996 Brian Suggett
1996-2000 Norma Mitchell
2000-2004 and

2012 to Present day

Brian Suggett
2004-2012 Bernie Solymar


2012 Brian Suggett