U18 Indoor Tournament & League Champs – OPG
February 19, 2020
2020/2021 INDOOR SEASON INFORMATION – Registration Closed all divisions full
September 15, 2020

Indoor season starts week of November 16, Monday U18, Wednesday U13 and Thursday U10

All coaches will have team lists and information by Thursday evening at latest. Most coaches already

have their teams and will be in touch this week.

A special note * Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to games and leave within 5 minutes of games especially the second game of the night as The Aud must be sanitized before it is safe for the second game to enter the Aud. To enter Aud use the right hand side door and exit through the other side. Remember that you MUST complete online the Covid 19 questions and be cleared before you can come to the Aud stay home if unwell please and thank you
I am attaching the Covid 19 Protocols and rules:

SDYSC – 2020/2021 INDOOR SOCCER – Covid 19 Protocols/Indoor Rules

  1. 1. Parents/Guardians for all players must complete a Covid 19 contact tracing on line prior to each game, also Coaching staff
  2. 2. Prior to arriving at The Aud on game day all players and parent/guardian must complete a mandatory screening test and will receive a green tick to their phone or pc, which allows player and parent to enter The Aud prior to game time.
  3. 3. Social Distancing 2 meters – entering and inside the building. (floors will be marked for players area – No parents in this area only adults are coaching staff).
  4. 4. Masks must be worn by Coaches and Parents/Guardians at all-time inside building
  5. 5. Masks must be worn by Players and Referee when entering, building, inside building. Mask can be removed only when entering the playing area which is the only exception to removing mask. Players and refs may keep masks on during play and may wear gloves if they so desire.
  6. 6. Hand sanitizing stations will be available as you enter the building please make sure as you enter that hand sanitizer is used. 
  7. 7. NO bags or backpacks allowed in the building we will have in the players area a coat rack to hang coats and leave outdoor foot wear under coats.
  8. 8. If anyone has symptoms of Covid 19 please do not attend The AUD or have come in contact with anyone with Covid 19 or travelled out of the country in the past 14 days. If a player or coach has Covid 19 and attends the whole team and all teams in division will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days and games will not be rescheduled.
  9. 9. Entering the AUD prior to a game please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before and please leave within 5 minutes of end of game. The second game doors will be lock until 7:05 for sanitizing Aud.
  10. 10. No practice or pre-game warm up with soccer ball prior or after the game.
  11. 11. Referees will be responsible to sanitize soccer balls prior to the start of each game and each half. The Referee will only touch ball when it is being distributed and collected for sanitizing
  12. 12. Only clearly marked water bottles with the player’s name are permitted in player’s area.
  13. 13. Parents/Guardians are considered general spectators and must adhere to social distancing rules and all other public health and safety protocols.
  14. 14. Players are ONLY allowed ONE Parents/Guardians to attend game due to Government restrictions
  15. 15. No Goal celebrations are permitted: Violations will result in: first offence a caution to offenders, second offence Red card.
  16. 16. No handshakes, high fives, or any celebration before, during and after the game.
  17. 17. NO HEADING OF THE BALL is permitted. Heading the ball will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team
  18. 18. There will be no drop balls given they will only be indirect kicks.
  19. 19. There will be no coin toss instead home team chooses(first team listed on game sheet)
  20. 20. Goalie changes limited to one per game (one goalie for each half are permitted).
  21. 21. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in place!


Event Check In – Mandatory

The Event Check In tool allows players, team officials, referees, and spectators (registered guardians only One allowed per game) to be logged as attending a scheduled event in the system. It’s available on the Power up Connect mobile app and on m.powerupsports.com. Following completion of the check in process, the member is presented with a notification indicating success or failure of the check in, which they can show to the club staff if requested. Team Officials are also able to complete check in or view the result of the check in process for all their team’s players, team officials, and spectators at the event. Parents/Guardians & Players When a guardian or player navigates to an event that day (upcoming or in progress) they will be presented with a Check In button. Selecting it will present them with a list of available people to log in for the event.

NOTE: Upon completion of the check in process, that individual is logged as attending the event. Administrators (Club Manager) can access attendance reports for specific events or for all events on a day.

Parents/Guardians & Players

When a parent/guardian or player navigates to an event that day (upcoming or in progress) they will be presented with a Check In button. Selecting it will present them with a list of available people to log in for the event please remember that only one person can attend with a player. For players (non-guardians), this will just be themselves. Youth players can complete the check in process provided they have their own email entered on their profile. For guardians, this will be themselves, the participating player, and any other registered guardians or players on the profile (spectators).

Upon completion of the check in, the member will be presented with a message indicating if they have checked in successfully or if attendance is denied due to a failed screening. They can then go back and check in another individual, or show the successful check in to the designated club official if required up on arrival at The Aud.

Team Officials

Team Officials can complete their own check in to an event by navigating to it through their Family Calendar, their individual calendar, or through the team’s calendar under Coach Hub. They are also able to complete the screening question(s) for members and spectators of their team. This includes players, fellow team officials, and any spectators (registered guardians or siblings). To complete the screening for an individual: – Navigate to the appropriate team under Coach Hub in the menu and select the Schedule icon – Find the event for which Check In needs to be completed and select it – Select Check In at the top of the Event Details – Select the individual to be checked in – Complete the question(s) and select Submit. Team Officials can review the status of the check in process for their team by navigating to the event through the Calendar in Coach Hub. The list view will display icons indicating whether the check was successful, failure, or has not yet been completed. Selecting an individual with a completed check in (pass or fail) will present the full notification.

NOTE: Team Officials can access the Check In button for in progress, upcoming (on that day), and past events; however, check in can only be completed for in progress or upcoming (on that day) events

Additional Notes ▪

Players must be assigned to a team to use Event Check In, ▪ the ability to check in disappears after the conclusion of the event. ▪ Check in is available on club-created, league created, and custom events created by a team official. ▪ Where there are multiple guardians for a player, Co-Guardianship should be used to ensure they are both eligible to check in. ▪ Answers to the screening questions cannot be edited after submission

Please complete attached forms and then scan return either via email or ask Joanne next week to email them. for you

Thank you so much have a great season and stay safe