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June 12, 2019
August 17, 2019

2019 Challenger British Soccer Camp – 2020 CBSC cancelled due to Covid 19

Camp Coordinators: Lisa Chanyi-Baruth and Monica Turcotte for all you have done for the Soccer Camp over the years I’m sure that the Challenger British Soccer Camp will miss you and on behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank you for all you have done for the Travelling Coaches and children taking part in the Camp over the year!

published below in Simcoe Reformer:

English soccer has made its way to Simcoe.

Coaches from the British Isles have travelled to Simcoe to teach Canadian children the fundamentals of soccer.

This camp is part of a program called Challenger Sports. Simcoe has been involved for 12 or 13 years with this program, and has 50 campers attending this year.

Sean McKeever and Daniel Rowley are two of the coaches that travelled from Britain to spend the week in Simcoe teaching children soccer skills.  They both found out about the program through a partnership between Challenger Sports and their colleges.

This year is Rowley’s second year with the camp, and first year in Simcoe. He travelled from Leeds in England.

“It’s amazing; it’s such a beautiful town. The kids are great, it’s a nice big camp and the facilities are amazing,” Rowley said Wednesday from the Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park. “You don’t get anything like this anywhere else.”

“Because it’s not one of the main sports out here it’s nice to come and show the kids,” said Rowley. “There’s a lot of new stuff you can teach them compared to back home.”

McKeever, who travelled from Manchester, England, was happy to find out he was accepted after his assessment day because he had a sprained ankle when he went in for his interview.

“The teaching is going really well. Soccer is not the main sport over here so a lot of the children haven’t actually played before, so you’re teaching them the basics,” said McKeever. “They’re learning and getting better every day.”

The coaches range in age from 18 to 26 years old, and the campers are between 5 to 14.

“We’ve got tiny tykes that are 5 and 6, so this would be their first time at the camp, and we’ve got several campers that have been coming to the camp for five or six years,” said Lisa Chanyi-Baruth, the co-ordinator for Soccer Camp at the Simcoe and District Youth Soccer Club.

The main goal for the camp is for the kids to touch their foot to the ball at least 1,000 times a day on each day of the camp.

“If you do anything 1,000 times a day you’re bound to get better at it,” said Chanyi-Baruth. “Often times its teeny-tiny little things that the coaches are correcting just to make the campers have that much better of a pass or shooting.”

With soccer being much more popular across the pond, the coaches have a larger set of skills and knowledge of the sport that they can pass on to the campers.

“What comes very natural to them (the coaches) is lots and lots of new learning for our kids,” said Chanyi-Baruth.

Thank you Ashley!