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June 12, 2018
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August 28, 2018

SDYSC Ryan Cattrysse Memorial Bursary Award  – CLOSED July 16, 2021

Why SDYSC created a Bursary Program?

The SDYSC Ryan Cattrysse Memorial Bursary Program aims to assist SDYSC players, coaches, or referees financially with their post-education and training goals.

 Any member associated with the Simcoe & District Youth Soccer Club in 2020/2021 Indoor season and 2021 Outdoor season (ie: player, coach, referee)
 Any male or female in their graduating year from high school

 Show proof that he/she has been accepted to an education/training program at an accredited learning institution

Contact Information
Please include your full name, address, phone number and email address. The Board of Directors uses this information to get in touch with you about your application. The Board of Directors might have additional questions and will notify you by email or by phone of your award should you receive one. Contact information will only be shared with the Board of Directors and Club Manager.

Selection of Winners:

Candidates will choose from one of the three choices, and submit their application to SDYSC

1. Write a 350-400 word essay as to what the game of soccer means to them, how they have contributed to our club and what have they learned since joining the SDYSC.

2. Design a poster/brochure that would promote the game of soccer, SDYSC, respect for the game or soccer cleat program. Entry should include the SDYSC Logo.

3. Create a digital media presentation (ie: video, computer generated, photography slide show) that displays what the game of soccer means to them, or an advertisement that promotes our local club.

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be based on a combination of creativity, clear message, attention to details, completion and submitted on or before the deadline.

All applications will be presented to the SDYSC Board of Directors, Bursary Award Coordinator and winner will be announced by  on the SDYSC web site www.simcoesoccer.ca

The Bursary Award BOD will not be able to award you the total costs associated with your education/training goal. Individual annual will be $500.00.

Please submit your application On or before July 15 2021 to: Simcoe & District Youth Soccer Club Inc.

c/o SDYSC Ryan Cattrysse Memorial Bursary Award 
P.O. Box 1012

Simcoe, Ontario

N3Y 5B3

or to Club Manager via email